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First quarter figures at Malaga Airport

According to AENA in a statement released yesterday, Malaga airport closed the first quarter of 2015 with an increase of 7% over the same period of 2014. More than 2.200.000 passengers passed through the airport.

This healthy increase in passenger equates to a 7.7% increase for domestic flights and 5.7% for international flights. In March, there were 6,965 landings and takeoffs recorded, representing 1% more than during the same month last year. Flights are fuller this year compared to other years.

Regarding national flight traffic within Spain, which has suffered heavily during the financial crisis, there was recorded growth of 5.9%, reaching a total of 388,782 passengers in 4,290 flights. The increase confirms the upward transfer trend of the domestic market.

The UK remains the main market for Malaga airport with a total of 263,400 passengers. Following this come Germany, Holland and France, with totals reaching 87,088, 51,754 and 49,397 respectively.