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Malaga Airport beats records again

Last July, Malaga-Costa del Sol airport beat a new record. It surpassed the barrier of two million passengers in a single monthf or the first time. At the end of the month the airport had reached 2,187,116 passengers, showing an increase of 11.2% when compared to the same period in 2016.

According to Aena, the number of flights grew by 10.3%, reaching 15,575.

The majority of passengers included in commercial flights (2,180,749), the majority (1,934,538) travelled on international flights (11.9% more than in July last year). The increased number of operations with origin or destination outside Spain, which rose 10.1% to 10,589 movements, helps to explain the growth experienced in the foreign segment. The remaining 246,211 travellers using the Malaga airport flew to Spanish cities, contributing to a 6.3% increase in passenger traffic in the domestic market.

United Kingdom remains the main destination for the Malaga-Costa del Sol airport, with a total 707,467 passengers (6.3% more than last year). Following the UK, Spanish destinations. Germany is third in line with 180,181, France (126,707) and Holland (122,890).