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Malaga Tourism is Up

The Spanish Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism has released the results of the Survey of Tourism Border Movements (Frontur) for the period January to May of 2013 yesterday. The data shows there has been a 2.2% increase in the arrival of foreign visitors to the Malaga region. Andalucia had received 2.61 million foreign visitors in this five month period. The increased number of tourists visiting the Andalusian area is still below the average for other Spanish locations, which stands at a hefty 3.9%.

During the five month period, tourism growth in the Malaga region is largely due to the arrival of visitors from UK, a traditional outbound travel market of the area, along with the Netherlands and the Nordic countries.

The Frontur report for the month of May shows an increase of 7.5% of international visitors compared to last years report. Andalusia welcomed over 780.000 international tourists, 13.5% of foreign visitors arrivals, mainly through Malaga airport.

The Valencian Community is on the lead in foreign tourism, however. Catalonia and the Balearic Islands follow in the ranking. Madrid shows a negative growth rate and the Canary Islands record a slight growth. The numbers for the Valencian Community show an increase of 15.6% for the year and a 17% increase during the month of May.

Tourism from the United Kingdom has increased 9.3% during the month of May with one out of three British visitors picking the Balearic Islands as their destination of choice. Year on year increase of UK visitors stands at 10.8%. German tourism increased by 13.2%. This increase benefited tourism in the Catalonian region, but the Balearic Islands lead the ranking in number of German visitors.

For the seventh month in a row, the French outbound travel market increased their visits to Spain. Dat a shows a 5.9% increase. Valencia and Madrid are the two travel destinations that benefit the most from this increase.

The most outstanding results, however are those from the Nordic country markets. The number of visitors arriving to Spanish destinations has been increasing for more than a year. During the month of May, the increase was 20.2%. Tourists from these countries favor the Balearic Islands, alongside Andalusia. Number of tourists from both the Netherlands and the Nordic countries increased by 6.8%. There has been a double digit growth in foreign source markets from Switzerland and Belgium, and a decrease in numbers of Italian tourists arriving in Spain.

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