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Malaga has 70% total air traffic

Malaga airport receives over seventy percent of the passenger traffic of the Andalusian community, making it the gateway to the region. The airport is the only one in Andalucía that has managed to keep a positive upward trend during this year, in terms of passenger increase. The rest of airports in the region, six in total, have lagged far behind in activity.

During July 2013, Malaga airport welcomed 1.551.286 travelers which is a 1.4% over 2012 during the same period. With 125 destinations and 69 operating airline companies, it has proven itself to be number one as the major access for tourists to Andalucia. Even though the Andalusian community has five other regional airports, including the capital, Seville, their activity is barely 30% of the total flight traffic in the region.

José Carlos Escribano, who is currently the president of the Association of Hoteliers of Costa del Sol said “it is a basic infrastructure to promote the province as a tourist destination and it’s not only prepared for the present, but it is also ready to face the future”. Malaga hoteliers representative added that “the British market is extremely important to us, and now we must improve connections with Germany, the second country of origin of tourists who visit us. These visitors generate more income because their stay is longer than the national tourists stay, averaging seven to ten days.”

Seville airport comes in second in the ranking. Their recorded passenger traffic during July this year was only 335.257, a third less than Malaga airport handled during the same period. The city of Seville, one of the main tourist destinations in Andalucía, has only 37 connections handled by 18 air travel companies, which puts considerable strain on the airport’s ability to become a viable destination for foreign visitors, a majority of passengers being Spanish.

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