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Two arrested at Malaga Airport

A man, A. B, 40 years old, and a woman S.S, 35 years old, both Moroccan, were arrested by National Police in a parking lot of the Malaga airport, according to Malaga police department. They allegedly stole suitcases from travelers at the airport, by getting them distracted and then taking their luggage before the travelers could stow them in their vehicles.

Police believe that the two people arrested are part of an organized group, which might have been involved in three counts of theft, two taking place in Malaga and one in Granada.

According to the police investigation, the group chose victims carrying lots of luggage, small children, and the language they spoke. They would follow the victims until they found a suitable spot to commit the theft.

The robberies took place while one of the members of the group asked for directions in a language different to the one the victim spoke. Meanwhile, the other group member would take advantage of the distraction and would take part of the luggage, get in a car and leave the parking lot.

Malaga Airport Taxi would like to take this opportunity to note that this type of theft would not occur to those who have booked an airport transfer, as drivers will be aware of the passengers luggage at all times.