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Stranded in Malaga airport

Nearly thirty passengers, heading for the UK were stranded at Malaga airport after checking their baggage and nearly embarking the planes.

The group, which checked their baggage in plenty of time, was a few meters away from their gate when an airport employee stopped them by using a security barrier, thus having to wait for more than twenty minutes in the boarding lounge, with their luggage already aboard the plane.

The stranded passengers saw their airplane taking off from an airport window, with just 110 passengers aboard. The plane took off on time, with all their belongings within it. The passengers couldn’t believe what they were seeing. They tried to leave, but the doors were blocked.

At last, they triggered an alarm, which got airport personnel attention, and they were finally allowed out. EasyJet could not explain how it happened. They quickly offered accommodation and alternative flights to the passengers affected. A spokesperson for the British airline stressed that the plane took off because all the passengers had shown their boarding pass.

Furthermore, EasyJet was not required to perform a visual recount of passengers aboard the aircraft. However, the spokesperson apologized to the 19 passengers who did not get to Bristol last Saturday and said that there is an investigation already to clear up what happened. EasyJet will transfer travel vouchers and compensation as a goodwill gesture towards the travelers who were stranded.

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