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Malaga municipal taxis price rise

The consumers association of Malaga criticized the 2 euro supplemental nighttime cost that Malaga taxis implement on weekends and on weekdays from 12 to 6 AM. The association argues that there is “no justifying reason for this price increase during weekends” and warns that town councils must ensure there are enough vehicles on the street during the time period without having to grant an increase in the rate, since taxicabs are a public service. Bilbao, Barcelona, Granada, Madrid, Pamplona and Sevilla also apply this supplemental cost.

The consumer association also criticized the extra cost approved for airport transfers by municipal taxis. Malaga municipal taxis are the third most expensive in this respect. Barcelona charges the highest amount (which applies to departures from the airport), 20 euros, 19.64 euros followed by the cities of Badajoz and Malaga, 15.21 euros is added to their day rate and 19.01 to their night rate.

FACUA notes that the Malaga is the Andalusian capital city that has the most expensive municipal taxi fares, only behind Sevilla. In the report of the Consumers Association, which analyzed 45 Spanish cities on the cost of the taxi fare, the city of Malaga would be in 26th place.

Malagas town council approved an increment in taxi (and transfer) fares of 1% for next year on Thursday. The Planning and Mobility Commission will approve this increment on Friday during the town councils meeting, with votes from the governments team and without the support from the opposition, which proposes the prices to remain the same for this service. The Malaga taxi sector had asked for a 2% increase.

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