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Malaga AGP is Granda Airport

A press statement released by the Mayor of the City of Granada, Mr D. Jose Torres Hurtado suggested that the main airport gateway to Granada is actually Malaga airport and thus, Granada’s residents ought to transfer their minds to the fact they have to use it, which has caused a level of dissatisfaction at the Works Committee of the ‘Granada Jaen’ Federico Garcia Lorca airport. The committee sent a statement expressing their deep dissatisfaction.

According to the committee, "it is well known that Granada Airport, with over 40 years of service, has been a source of social and economic cohesion. An airport, being a fundamental infrastructure, is the gateway to investment and tourism (3 to 4 tourists transfer through airports and large multinationals seeking to settle in the PTS for example, do require such infrastructures). They do not understand how the Mayor would prefer to use an airport outside the city rather than boosting the local airport and do not see the Mayor of Malaga committing to boosting Granada  airport.

Workers said, "we invite Jose Torres Hurtado to work with us to enhance our facilities and in turn transfer a strong boost to the local economy and all its area of influence.”

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