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Malaga Airport connects to Lyon

Vueling, the low cost airline of Iberia, has announced that as of April 19th they will start a route connecting Malaga Airport with the French city of Lyon. “Vueling is the first airline to connect Malaga with the third largest city in France, offering 19.800 seats”, the airline said.

This project is part of Vueling`s expansion project in the province of Malaga, which will involve offering 1.289.700 seats during next summer, as part of twenty different direct (non transfer) routes across Europe and Moscow. Vuelings supply of seats will increase by 20% when compared to 2012.

“Lyon will become Vuelings twentieth destination to Malaga airport next summer season and it will widen our international destination offering to passengers, adding a new one to the destinations already in place to Amsterdam, Brussels, Cardiff, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Hannover, Munich, Moscow, Nantes, Toulouse, Paris and Rome-Froncino”, said the airline. They also pointed out that the rest of their existing routes are domestic ones, and they announced the new connection to Oviedo, starting April 2nd, with three weekly flights.