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A transfer of confidence in November

Official stats from the recent November of 2013 reveal that the number of passengers grew by 11.9% (to 723,003) over the same period during 2012, same trend repeated in the operations volume. The number of landings and take-offs was 6,416, which is a whopping 12.9% more than last year.

Salvador Merino, director of Malaga airport, pointed out the positive figures from this winter, that exceeded expectations by far. The season has been really positive one, especially regarding European destinations which are expected to grow around 19%. Germany alone has increased their number of seats on offer by a massive 80% as they have found a notable transfer of confidence in the spanish tourism sector, especially Malaga. “The job now is to attempt to improve other international markets and attempt to transfer this confidence to the national market”, he added. Data has been “green” since May, and last summer was a lot better than the previous year.

Commercial flights (5.999) really monopolised air traffic in November. Malaga airport manages between 12 and 13 million travelers each year, not far off 70% of the total numbers for the whole Andalusian community. Up to November 2013, 12.2 million passengers were recorded, nearly the same as the 12.5 million recorded during the whole of 2012! If the forecast holds true, the 2012 year will close with a sizeable increase. The importance of the international market is huge when seen as a whole. 591,798 travelers during November flew in from foreign destinations, 16.8% more than during the same period last year.

Flights transferring passengers to or from the UK carry almost 37% of the passengers  that pass through Malaga airport. Malaga is one of the main cities in Europe with the most direct connecting flights to Spain, which is the largest source market for the Malaga coast. Second in the ranking is national flights passengers, followed by Germany, Ireland or France, which numbers fluctuate depending on the month. The international operations volume grew by 8.3% in the first 11 months of 2013.