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Tourism to make recovery in 2014

All evidence suggests that this will be the year for tourism to make a full recovery. We have seen a transfer of optimism amongst business owners due to the rise in hotel occupancy during Easter Week and the expected airport traffic growth in the coming months in Malaga. Malaga Airport Taxi have also prepared for a very busy 2014 of transfers and figures to date have pointed to this.

Trusting in the great potential of the Costa del Sol, airlines have scheduled new flights and new transfer connecting flights from the city of Malaga with large European cities. The summer season which started at the end of March, has started with eight new routes in just three weeks, with destinations to cities in UK and France and also national destinations such as Palma de Mallorca or Asturias.

The newest routes started on Sunday, March 30th. Flights to the Shannon, Ireland and London Heathrow airport will be scheduled twice a week operated by Air Lingus and British Airways.
Jet2 started a new non-transfer flight route to Belfast. This new route will connect Malaga with the capital of Ireland, Belfast, twice a week. Vueling, the airline, has scheduled a direct flight to the airport in Asturias starting the 4th of April, six times a week.

New connecting flights to New York will start once the summer season progresses, as usual every year, according to airport schedules prepared for summer. During last week, four other new routes have started: Vueling started a new transfer flight to Palma de Mallorca on the 12th, with five flights a week, and the company Jetairfly will fly to Charles de Gaulle airport, in Paris three times a week. Seven days later, Vueling started two weekly direct flights to Lyon, and Europe Airpost will launch a new route to Nantes, France starting today.
There are more than 11 million seats scheduled for passengers during the summer season at Malaga airport. These flights will mostly connect with international destinations. The number represents an increase of 5% from last season. Most flights are scheduled to or from international airports. The number of flights has also increased by 3.7% from last years summer season.