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Large increase in Low Cost

According to data released by the General Department for Data and Tourism Studies, over seven  million passengers traveled using low cost airlines during the first four months of 2014. This represents an increase of 10.3% when compared to data from the same period last year. Malaga was the second most used airport by low cost airlines, after El Prat in Barcelona during this time frame. The number of passengers recorded was almost 1 million at 975.987, a massive 14.7% increase on last year. Most flights into Malaga airport were direct, non transfer flights.

In contrast, traditional airline companies were used by more than 9.43 million travelers up to the month of April, showing an increase of almost 5% when compared to year 2013 numbers. Thus, low cost airlines accounted for just under than half of air traffic from January to April. With traditional airlines taking a 55% share of passengers.

In April, low cost airlines increased their passenger numbers by 16.2%, to 2.89 million passengers, 50.7% of the total air traffic of the month, which rose 12.9% to 5.69 million passengers, compared to the 2.8 million people who chose traditional companies, up 9.7%.

The positive numbers reflect to some extent the effect of Easter being celebrated in April this year, while last year, it was celebrated in March. Among low cost airlines Ryanair, EasyJet and Vueling were the ones transporting the largest number of international passengers, almost 70% combined. All three recorded annual increases in passengers.

United Kingdom and Germany are by far the leading countries in the ranking of low cost inbound flights.