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Car parking lot strike from July 1st

Malaga airport parking workers foresee going on strike from the 1st of July because of the modification of their contracted conditions that are being made by the main company in charge of this service and because of the “passivity” of Aena.

Workers from the airport parking service will be striking from the 1st of July. José Francisco Muñoz, business committee secretary and general secretary of CCOO of the Aena Group in Málaga has been the chosen as the person to announce to the press when the start of this strike will be. The strike takes place after more than one and a half months of intense negotiations with the company that keeps these employees under such poor conditions.

He also criticised the reduction of personnel of the parking in the airport by 40% since 14 workers have been made redundant. At the present moment, the complete staff to run the car parks is of only of 35 workers. To date, negotiations between workers and the company have been useless, hence the need to strike, which will affect the parking lots at the airport that will stay closed from next Tuesday unless an agreement is reached in order to transfer the decision to strike.

Muñoz revealed that the parking lot workers are working under unfair conditions, technical assistance are modifying the terms of the contract that was already approved because of the permissiveness of Aena; the conditions of the labor agreements are being changed and they are trying to change the labor quadrants he added. He also stressed that before agreeing to strike, they had been trying hard to negotiate.

This will make airport parking a little more difficult for many and may increase the use of airport taxi transfers.