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High tourist season starts at AGP

It is easy to see that the high tourist season has started in the Costa del Sol area. A good clue is the air traffic’s data recorded at Malaga airport, where from last Friday and up to the following  Wednesday, it is expected that Malaga will receive 2.141 flights containing 358.491 passenger seats. According to data released by Aena, the largest number of operations happened on Sunday, during which this airport recorded 377 flights, adding up to 64.199 seats. The previous day, Saturday, one less flight was recorded, and the total number of seats was 63.920. On Friday there were 366 flights and 59.809 seats. Between Monday and Wednesday, 344, 323 and 355 were forecast, with a total of 57.908, 53.909 and 58.749 seats respectively.

On the other hand, Spanish airports will register an availability of 2.45 million seats between Monday and tomorrow, because of the start of the summer holidays for a lot of Spaniards. Specifically, yesterday was expected to be the busiest day for the entire network, with a total number of 5.203 programmed flights, totalling 821.000 passenger seats. On July 1st, the number of planned arrivals and departures is 5.171 and for Wednesday July 2nd, 5.199.

Madrid Barajas airport is expected to register the highest summer days traffic’s numbers during the start of the summer season, with a total of 3.106 operations up to the 2nd of July, and almost a half million seats available (495.000). Yesterday, Monday June 30th had the largest number of scheduled flights (1.040). Finally, Barcelona-El Prat airport will register 2.733 flights during the next three days, with more than 474.000 available seats. The busiest day was also yesterday, with 159.000 seats available in 924 planned flights.