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Phenomnela growth at Malaga Airport

Malaga Airport has experienced a phenomenal growth rate of nearly twice the national average during the first six months of 2014. The airport has received 7.7% more passengers in the last 6 months and during this period it surpassed 6 million passengers. The most significant point is the strong growth of Spanish air traffic, which, despite the pressure of the AVE – high speed train - connections, grew at a rate of 3.5% in June.

In the same period, 49,644 flights arrived and departed from and to the airport. The number of operations grew by almost 8%. The international market has maintained its upward trend so far this year, with nearly a 10 percent growth rate in number of passengers.

June was the last of the six month upward trend, putting the icing on the cake for tourism industry in the Costa del Sol. During last June, 1,434,100 passengers flew in and out of Malaga airport, 5% more than during June of 2013, and above the national average increase. The number of transactions also grew, soaring to nearly 11,000, which is almost 5% more than in June last year.

Most of the half million passengers in June were flying from or to United Kingdom, followed by Spanish passengers flying within the country and third in the ranking are Germans flying routes from and to Germany, then France and Ireland.

Malaga Airport recorded days of greatest intensity during that last June weekend. These figures transfer the balance of the strangest airport in Spain to Malaga right now.