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Low cost beats traditional airlines

Low cost airlines operating from Malaga Airport are in luck. Their momentum has boosted this terminal to close the first half of the year with the more “low cost” traffic than standard traditional airlines. These low cost companies have flown almost two million foreign tourists to Malaga from January to June, signifying a cumulative growth of over 12% and a market share of 12.8% nationwide, according to data from the Spanish Department of Awareness and Tourist Studies. The transfer of majority market share to Low Cost airlines has been on the cards for several years now.

This ranking comes as a result of the loss of momentum of Palma airport, which has always had the lead in this type of ranking. Palma Airport is now in fourth place in the ranking, overtaken by Malaga, Alicante and Barcelona airports. The growth rate of only 6% at Palma is just half of what Malaga airport achieved during these first six months. Low cost airlines at Palma airport moved half million passengers less than they have in the Costa del Sol airport. Second in the ranking is Alicante airport with 200,000 passengers less than at Malaga.

Traditional airlines have also shown significant growth at Malaga airport during the first half of the year. Their growth rate for this semester was 4.6%, with 828.852 passengers. This data reveals the importance of the growth of the low cost airlines, which brought a million more international passengers to the area. Regarding the level of activity of these traditional airlines, Malaga ranks sixth in Spain.

Budget airlines have carried 2,245,744 passengers in the first six months of the year to Andalucía, representing an increase of over 11%. In contrast, traditional companies have carried 969.261 passengers up to June, 5.6% more. These low cost companies have carried over 14 million passengers nationwide during the first six months of the year, representing an increase of 10.1% compared to 16.2 million passengers until June, 3% more than in the same period of 2013. Three low cost companies accounted for 66% of the total business in Spain.