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Record Numbers of Baggage Handled

Malaga Airport has set a record of baggage movement during the first half of the year, since passengers have checked more than 450,000 pieces of luggage in June, bringing the number of checked bags to more than 18 million since the opening of the T3 terminal five years ago.

In the year 2010, an automated baggage handling system was launched. It is comprised of a “measuring device” that helps to keep count of the baggage transfers in the terminal, AENA said yesterday in a statement. In the first six months of 2014, 1,941,342 pieces of luggage were handled. It was the best result since the implementation of the automated baggage system.

Malaga airport is the third in Spain in passenger volume and it is also the gateway to Andalusian international tourism. Between January and June this year, there were more than one hundred thousand bags than during the same period in 2011, the year with the largest number of checked bags. Each month this year, record numbers have been broken. This has also been noticed in the amount of taxi transfers from Malaga airport to places such as Marbella, Nerja and Puerto Banus.