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The busiest day of the summer

On Saturday morning an Iberia airlines flight to Fuerteventura yesterday at 6:30 AM started the most intense day of the year so far at Malaga airport, marking the beginning of a gush of summer tourists arriving to the Costa del Sol. Over 4000 passengers and 24 flights an hour streamed into the airport. This totaled more than  400 landings and takeoffs And over 68,000 passengers in just 1 single day. All these holiday-makers wishing to enjoy their experience to the max as so many escape the monotony and boredom of life at home. One British tourist, upon leaving the terminal was even grateful for the oppressive heat at 36 C. 

A flood of passengers, singles, couples and families loaded with luggage left the terminal every time the sliding glass doors opened. The peak moment happened from ten to eleven AM, and on Sunday it started an hour earlier, but with a slower pace of 380 flights, carrying over 64,000 passengers. Taxi drivers and transfer chauffeurs waited, with name posters in hand, for groups of passengers to be whisked off to their accommodation on the Coast. Many others arriving at the airport scooted off to ride the train to Fuengirola. The impact of the foreigners living in the Coast was seen when they had to drive around the airport because they could not find a place to park in order to pick up or drop off their passengers. To find a parking place on or near Terminal 3 was a complicated mission. The intense heat tested their patience before having to resort to free parking areas farther away from the terminal.

Their were long queues at flight counters to European destinations were peoples luggage bulged with the gifts they had bought when on holiday and tried to fit into their cases without going over the tight baggage restrictions that some airlines impose. Security control areas were extremely careful with the scanning process, but no one complained. The most repeated comment was that they agreed that it was a necessary safety procedure. The recent plane crash incidents were fresh in everyone’s mind. “Flying is safe”, said an elderly lady to a group of young people talking about the recent events. Somehow the youngsters did not seemed to be convinced.