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Second runway used at Malaga Airport

Summer is, of course, is busy every year at Malaga airport, but 2014 is turning out to be a vintage year. Takeoffs and landings recently made it necessary to activate the second runway far more than in previous seasons and both runways will be operational at the same time on several days per week for the summer due to heavy air traffic on those days. There were 360 flights scheduled on a recent day where both runways were operating, but the key lies not so much in the number but in the concentration of landings and takeoffs during certain times of the day.

Previously, the runway was opened on the last Sunday of June as well as during the weekends on the second half of July. The second runway is placed in service according to demand, but also for training of the groups involved including air traffic controllers and taxi workers so that they remain familiar with all necessary procedures. However, during the rest of the year, the runway remains closed since demand can be met with one single runway, reducing operating costs.

Although very high figures were reached during July, August is typically the strongest month of the year for this airport and it is expected figures will exceed 1.5 million passengers. In fact, coinciding with the first wave of the start of the summer season, in just seven days including the first five days of August, over 2500 flights and more than 430,000 seats offered by flight companies were dealt with. According to official airport data, having a second landing strip allows almost double the number of operations. Now up to 72 aircraft can land and take off per hour during peak congestion times allowing Malaga airport to welcome 9.500 passengers per hour or 30 million each year.