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Transfer of power to low cost airlines

Data released by the Office of General Awareness and Tourism Studies stated that low cost airlines have transported 2.7 million passengers to and from Malaga airport during the first seven months of this year, representing an increase of more than 10% over the same period last year. We see a clear transfer of power at Malaga airport to the low cost airlines generally.

This places Malaga airport in second position in the national ranking of low cost airline usage. Barcelona airport ranked number one with 4.5 million users. The list continues with Alicante airport with more than 2 million passengers, Mallorca with 1.9 million and Madrid Barajas with 1.7 million passengers. 

The increase in the number of passengers who have flown "low cost" has been 10.5% over last year’s data. Analyzing the figures from just the month of July, in Andalucía 592.336 million passengers flew low cost, up 8% from a year ago, versus 289.135 passengers flying in traditional companies, 2.6% higher than a year ago.

Taking as a reference all travelers who have arrived or left Malaga airport, the importance of low cost airlines is more than considerable. In this sense, through July, the increase over the accumulated totals of 2013 has been 7.2%, 7.788.169 passengers, thus low cost companies moved nearly 35% of them.

With these overall numbers including both low costa and traditional airlines, Malaga was the fourth busiest Spanish airport after Madrid, Barcelona and the Balearic Islands. When it comes to the total number of operations we see a reported increase of 7.3% over the first seven months of last year. Taking as reference the month of July alone, the number of passengers was up 5.1% increase from last year. 

Low cost transfers are also the most sought after type of transport from Malaga airport with online pre-booking being made more and more as each year passes.