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Problems with Taxis at Cordoba Airport

Tomorrow morning a convoy of taxi drivers based at the taxi rank at Cordoba airport will march from the air terminal to the center of Cordoba, finishing up  together in the Palacio de Justicia. 

The purpose of the event is to push for the prompt resolution of the case in which a group of taxi drivers where charged as members of an illegal group.

Francisco Martín Domina has been identified as the head of the mafia of taxis operating at the airport and that would handle, under pressure, the taxi stops and the line of passengers arriving in Cordoba wishing to travel to the city center.

Domina and a group of more than ten other defendants formed the Taxi Drivers Association of the Córdoba Airport. The group was created to intimidate or attack “any taxi driver not belonging to the taxi association who tried to pick up passengers at the taxi rank” at the airport.

Aside from Domina, others charged with belonging to an illegal association are Fernando Caudana, Jose Ceballos, Miguel Contreras, Mauricio Domina, Juan Saavedra, Luis Pioletti, Sergio Tapia, Diego Alcorta, Juan Barrera, Guillermo Aguero, Ruben Darío Lopez and Sergio Rajoy.

Several of them have already been in preventive custody, under review in Judge Lucero Offredi court. Martín Domina was recently arrested, back in July, after spending several months in custody. He could also end up in preventive custody. Meanwhile, two other members of the group are still at large, Sergio Tapia and Diego Alcorta.