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Best August ever for Malaga Airport

Malaga airport has recorded the busiest month of August on record as data revealed that the total number of passengers for the month was 1.680.707, up 5.7% when compared with August of 2013.

Between January and August, the number of passengers has improved by nearly 7%, reaching 9.468.876. The rise is mainly due to international activity, with an increase of 8%.

Most of the passengers traveled on commercial flights, a total of 1.674.684, excluding general aviation such as jets or small aircraft. Of these, 1.431.705 flew from or to international cities, while 242.979 were national connections.

According to this data, international flight traffic rose by 5.3% and national by 8.2%, thus confirming the dynamic nature of international traffic and the recovery of domestic tourism that started a few months ago. August 2nd was the busiest day at Malaga Airport, being the first Saturday of the month and the start of the real summer holidays, with an influx of 62.088 passengers and 460 individual flights, the vast majority non transfer. 

Regarding international activity, UK, Germany and France rank as busiest markets. Regarding increase rates in the number of passengers, the most active were, however, Poland (33% more than in August 2013), Turkey (32%) and Switzerland (24%).