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Tourism takes a new step in Malaga

The Tourism Forum Group in Malaga, which held their monthly meeting for October in the Contemporary Art Center has taken a new step on Tuesday to bring together all the associations involved in tourism development for their destination. They welcomed the Board of Tourism of the Costa del Sol. This group will be represented in the forum by their managing director, Arturo Bernal.

Bernal explained that the Forum of Tourism of Malaga City has  been from its inception the epitome of a pillar of effectiveness in promotion actions carried out by Malaga town council. Bernal also said that the Board “had wished to join the Forum, since tourism offerings in Malaga are already an indisputable asset of the Costa del Sol”. Julio Andrade, Councilor for Tourism, explained that the Tourism Forum, as an advisory body, has to represent all the parts that have contributed to the strength of the tourism sector of the city, and therefore the presence of the Costa del Sol Board “was a must”.

Presently, the Tourism Forum of Malaga City is composed of the Confederation of Malaga Entrepeneurs, the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation, the Association of Hoteliers of the Costa del Sol, Association of Spanish Teaching Schools; Historical Center Association, the Association of Hoteliers of Malaga and the Business Association of Travel Agents. Other groups represented in the Forum are the Association of Car Rentals, Palace of Congresses and Trade Fairs, School of Tourism of Malaga University, Malaga port, Malaga airport, the Federation of Commerce of Malaga, the Association of Professional Tourist Guides, The Malaga Convention Bureau and the Malaga Town Council (Culture, Tourism and Sports areas).