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More winter flights from Malaga

Malaga airport keeps on growing as airlines have scheduled 3.4% more departures than last year during the upcoming winter season, which begins on Sunday and ends on March 28th, 2015. The airlines have also increased the number of available seats by 3.5%. This way, in absolute terms, it is predicted that the Malaga airport will exceed 14.000 outbound commercial flights during this winter offering more than 2.3 million seats to passengers.

There will be new routes connecting Malaga with other Spanish cities, such as Melilla with 30% more seats and 27% more scheduled flights; Asturias, Lanzarote and Palma de Mallorca.

Forecasts regarding flights and seats to European destinations are also very optimistic since it has been forecast there will be more outbound flights with 2.7% more seats than last winters season.

In fact, out of the 144 total routes that will be available this winter, 123 will connect Malaga airport with European airports. So the number of connecting flights to Italy, France, Holland and Belgium will go up.

Flights to Central Europe and Norse countries will increase significantly. Denmark will increase with  25% more flights, Sweden with 6.3% more flights and Switzerland’s with 11.2% more flights.

Malaga airport has increased significantly its importance in the European sector. On new routes that airlines will start on Sunday, there is an increase of those routes connecting the airport with European cities like Brussels, with 36% more seats, Copenhagen –26% more seats, and more for  Prague, Paris, Milan, Warsaw, Dusseldorf, Moscow, Bucharest or Budapest.

However, the UK remains the largest market for Malaga airport, having 41 out of 144 available routes, which strengthens its position as the country with most connections to Malaga.