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Bridge to re-open after works

The bridge connecting the San Julian neighbourhood with Malaga Airport will reopen to traffic after repair works were finished recently.

The bridge closure was decreed after technicians detected a fissure during an inspection, part of a monitoring and conservation plan for highways with extremely high traffic. Traffic had to transfer to another route. The repairs total cost was over 100,000 euros with Lasor being the company hired to undertake the repairs.

Malaga City Council reported in a statement that the bridge would reopen during the morning hours, as well as the removal of provisional signage that was installed during construction.

Existing cracks were repaired by cutting the pavement and the embankment body was consolidated under the entire length of the areas showing fissures by injecting cement two feet below the pavement.

The drainage channel located at the foot of one of the walls was continued to connect two existing pipes. Existing drainage was cleaned to ensure proper functioning of the longitudinal drainage of the MA-21, so that puddles won’t form in the area near the foot of the wall. The tree that sprouted in the facing of reinforced earth was also removed.

Malaga Council also announced that they would continue watching closely for new appearing fissures and the walls’ conditions in general. They will take the results into account, and if they find any movement not noticed at the moment, they will have to plan a solution to stabilise the reinforced earth walls.