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New law regarding Illegal taxis

The Andalucian Government approved a decree on Tuesday regarding taxi activities that includes the immobilization of pirate taxis until they pay the fines associated with their illegal activities. The decree is expected to strengthen control against this illegal intrusion phenomenon into the taxi sector, which currently finds itself in a difficult financial situation with lots of drivers struggling to make ends meet. 

This decree has been an ongoing demand for taxi owners for a while, especially at Malaga airport. The change means that security forces may retain pirate taxi vehicles until the fines are paid up. The fine for illegal passenger transport can amount to almost 3000 euros. A hefty fine indeed. 

So far, taxis without a license could continue being driven after having been fined, though they had to unload their passengers, but there was no way of preventing them from repeating the offense and loading new passengers. The new decree also states that it will be the total responsibility of the fined illegal taxi driver to find alternate ways for the passengers to reach their destination. The offender will also have to pay impound yard fees.

The decree is the result of numerous meetings between the Ministry of Public Works and Housing and representatives from the taxi sector, after having had a massive demonstration last July against the intrusion.