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Drugs siezed at Malaga Airport

A twenty-six year old Spanish male who had arrived in Malaga airport on a flight originating in Sao Paulo, Brazil was arrested by Guardia Civil agents when they found more than 5 kilos of cocaine in his suitcase.

The arrest was made when the individual was about to pick up his luggage at Malaga airport’s custom area, and the agents asked him to pass his belongings and baggage through the customs-tax control, the Guardia Civil said today in a statement.

When officers physically checked the case, they found cocaine hidden in false bottoms. The cocaine was hidden in several objects such as coffee packaging, bags of chips, toys, chocolates, gel and shampoo. The drugs seized, both in dust and slurry form weighed a total of 5.6 kilos. The man arrested has been transferred to the custody of the Court.