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AENA aims high for Malaga

  • 195.6 million passengers passed through airports in Spain during 2014, 4.5 more than in 2013. AENA, the company that runs Spanish airports, is now the leading airport operator network in the world when it comes to passengers’ numbers.
  • There were also 1.8 million flights, more than 2% more than in 2013. Malaga airport is now the fourth ranking in Spain in terms of passenger volume in 2014, with 6.4% more than the previous year. Flights at Malaga airport also increased by 5.8% up to 108.000.
  • Flights from Malaga reach 126 destinations and there are 14 new routes that operate since the end of 2013, with twelve new routes expected to open during the summer season of 2015. This bodes very well for the local economy of Malaga, where we have seen a positive transfer in its economic state over the last few years. 
  • Regarding the 3000 square meter expansion of the commercial area in the airport, two million euros have been invested. The concept of an ‘airport’ has changed in recent years, incorporating not just the proper functions of an airfield but also high end modern services to improve the passenger experience.
  • Capital expenditure in Malaga airport during this legislature amount to 154.2 million euros, nearly 60% of the total investment in all other airports in Andalucía, said the minister.
  • Airport access for cars, taxis, buses and other form of transport including private transfer vehicles is crucial for optimal overall performance and 61 million euros will have been invested in the South access needed for it to be operational on March 29th.
  • Regarding the project to link the North access to the West motorway road, Ministry sources said via a press release that “it is already been approved and it will be funded as soon as possible”.