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Electric taxis becoming more popular

Electric cars are drawing the attention of the taxi sector in Spain and Nissan is one of the leaders in this area, having a strong commitment to develop electric cars. A couple of their latest models that are very interesting to taxi drivers due to the outstanding capability are the Nissan Leaf and the Nissan NV200. Taxi drivers travel many thousands of kilometers per year and the electric taxi allows them to do so in a cheaper and more environmentally friendly way.
These cars not only pollute less but are also less expensive. Electric cars cost 40% less to maintain and the cost of traveling 100 kilometers is less than a couple of Euros. They are also less noisy since a Leaf transfers sounds of only 26 decibels into its environment, a noise similar to the one of a ceiling fan.
Nissan Leaf has been the best seller model in Spain during 2014. With 456 units sold, the Leaf has increased their sales by 77% over the previous year and it takes 43% of the share of the electric car market. The e-NV200 leads the commercial electric market and after six months in market, it has reached a market share of 43%.
Taxi drivers in Spain working at the wheel of one of these two Nissan vehicles have already traveled more than 367.000 kilometers totally free of emissions. Thanks to these cars electric technology, the emission of 50.000 kg of Carbon dioxide to the atmosphere have been avoided.
The first driver in Spain to use the electric taxi was Roberto San José.
In October 2011 he purchased a Nissan Leaf and started offering his services in his hometown, Valladolid. As of today he has driven more than 150,000 kilometers with his Leaf and has opened the eyes of many colleagues who have also decided to buy an electric taxi.