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Taxi drivers push for new system

Taxi drivers from Malaga city have asked for a meeting to be held with the director of Malaga airport to ask for Aena to collaborate in the setting of the electronic controls that will allow pre-contracted airport transfer vehicles to enter the airport area. The system was agreed upon between La Junta de Andalucía and taxi drivers a year ago.

Taxi drivers hope to clear the way for the electronic controls to be installed to define the area that will be destined for pre-contracted airport  transfer vehicles. The government in Andalucía has a budget for this project, but due to technical issues that haven’t been resolved it is yet to be installed. 

Regarding the Ministry of Public Works and housing and the changes that took place after IU left the regional government, the Malaga taxi drivers will wait until after the elections to be held on March 22nd and the formation of a new government to remind them about the resolution adopted last December that should be approved before summer. The decree in their view will resolve the problem of sharing customers at the airport.

On January 14th, when Izquierda Unida was still head of the Development Council, the decree was shared during the first session of the Andalusian Council of Taxi Cabs, satisfying the city’s taxi drivers wishes.  The agreement reached at the meeting held on December 23rd allowed for the strike that was planned for the Christmas holidays to be called off.

The compromise reached was to publish the decree that includes the principle of “modulated reciprocity” before this summer. The principle will allow taxi drivers to go to any location, under a pre-hired contract to pick up passengers going to the airport, the port or the train station María Zambrano.

The modulated reciprocity principle, according to taxi drivers in the capital city will end what has been described as an unfair situation and therefore end the conflict with taxi drivers from other towns that stems from sharing customers at the airport. This principle was rejected by taxi drivers of the province, and even from taxi drivers in other parts of the Andalusian coast.