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Malaga taxi drivers want 15 hour day

Self employed taxi cab drivers in Malaga have announced that they will call for urgent protests again because of a perceived “lack of respect” from the City Council in not allowing their proposal of a 15 hour day as the maximum time a taxi vehicle can work from Monday to Friday. It is the newest conflict in the taxi sector in Malaga.

Representatives from the Taxi Union left the meeting that was held last Thursday at the Municipal Taxi Institute as protest. They announced there would be demonstrations to demand that their proposal be implemented to reduce the daily working hours from 24 to just 15 on weekdays.

The detailed proposal is for two days off a week with a limit of 15 hours per day, per car, on weekdays from Monday to Friday. On Saturday and Sunday, 24 hours would remain. The proposal was approved by the majority last November but then remained pending due to a report by the Municipal Institute of Taxi Cars and of their approval.

“City Council must implement what the taxi industry has voted democratically and if not, the industry will have to mobilise”, Mr. Mate told Europa Press. He criticised the fact that the council is “playing dirty with us and we feel a lack of respect. We will not allow it”, he added.

Mr. Mate insisted on his proposal, while adding “self-employed taxi drivers don’t make enough and we accumulate debt in every way; we cannot keep going this way, because it is not profitable”. Regarding this, he specified that this system aims to “equitably distribute existing work”.

Mate also accused the City of “trying to divide the taxi sector and playing dirty with us”, adding that “we will not allow it” and questioning the report submitted by the Municipal Institute of Taxi Cabs. He said that “it implies a manipulation of the situation”.