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Malaga Airport to become a transfer hub?

The Spanish Minister of Development recently stated that Malaga Airport currently has the best conditions to become a real airport hub, but the decision must be made by the airlines. Hubs are airports that airlines use as a transfer point to get passengers to their intended destination. This means that Malaga would become a high traffic transfer point.

Last year the airport received 13.7 million passengers, a historical record that shattered previous records dating before the financial crisis of 2008. But there is more. In the first two months of this year the number of passengers has grown by a staggering 7.7%.

The minister also reviewed the latest investments of over €140 million, the freezing of rates charged to airlines to use the facilities as well as various bonuses by passenger numbers and new infrastructures such as the northern access, which construction will be opened for bids in the coming months. "These are the optimum conditions for someone to decide whether an airport becomes a hub. This is why the results are so spectacular and trend is improving " she concluded.

She called for a firm and resolute commitment for Malaga airport, as it has happened with others, such as El Prat in Barcelona.