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The small village of Vinuela grew around an existing Inn on the road that used to connect Granada with Vélez, through the Boquete de Zafarraya. It is a transition area from the Periana corridor to the Vélez valley, with a typical Axarquía’s landscape: dry areas with olive trees and vineyards, and fruit orchards. The Viñuela Reservoir has brought an element of interest for tourists because of its beautiful views. Presently, rural tourism has experienced a boom, thus property has expanded around the reservoir. 
In the area around the inn, other buildings were erected until the area became a village. Near the inn, still kept in good condition, you will be able to admire the Church of Saint Joseph, and other buildings like the Chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows, a nineteenth century oil mill and the Torre de la Atalaya. The latter, built in Arab times, served as a communication point between the watchtowers of the coast and the castle of Zalia. Aside from these, Vinuela offers three different archaeological sites: one in the sandstone hills, another in the “castillejos”, and the third in the blacksmith’s shop. And finally, you can also visit a spring of medicinal waters in the nearby Chillano fountain, also by private transfer if needed.
As for the local cuisine, the typical dishes are tomato soup, “gazpachuelo”, stews, “migas” with orange and pomegranate, “ajoblanco” (garlic soup), asparagus omelette, orange salad and so forth. You can taste all these in local pubs. There is also a good local wine and the Romanes oil is famous. Finally, you can enjoy the Raisin Fair, one of the fairs with the most tradition in the area of the Axarquía, that showcases muscatel raisins and wine from Málaga.
Built in the bed of the river Guaro and receiving water from the Salia, Benamargosa, Bermuza, Rubite rivers, and the Madre del Llano de Zafarraya stream. It is the largest in the province of Málaga, holding 170 cubic hectometers, with maximum level at 230 meters high. It is situated in the valley that separates La Vinuela from Los Romanes. The basin area regulated by the Guaro River is 119 square kilometres. It supplies irrigation water to the South Axarquía water and it can provide drinking water to the city of Málaga.
The dam is built with loose materials: a central part made of clay and the outer slopes of schist and slate. It is 89 meters high and the crest length is 460 meters. It took more than 4 million cubic meters of materials to build it. Construction began in late 1982 and by the end of 1988 it started to accumulate water, reaching its peak on December 22nd 1996 after heavy rains.
The lake’s environment is an area with beautiful landscapes, with facilities for water sports and recreational areas with barbecues mini golf and soccer fields.
Another popular activity is fishing for carp, catfish and eel. You will need to get a permit to fish.