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Tarifa Taxi Transfers

Taxi TarifaYou can pre book a vip taxi or minibus transfer from Malaga Airport to Tarifa and a driver will be waiting for you in arrivals when your flight comes in. You do not need to pay anything in advance, just pay the fare price to the driver. Malaga Taxis will not charge you any more than the agreed price, which will cost less than queuing up for a taxi at Malaga Airport - and you will not have to wait in any queues.

Tarifa is a beautiful, quaint sun drenched fishing village where today tourism flourishes happily in this melting pot of so many cultures. Every population which either settled or passed by has left its remarkable imprint, evident from the many traces of ancient Rome to the "modern surfing culture of today" although Tarifa's Moorish style is still predominant with its medina in the marvelous ancient town. There is more to Tarifa than just surfing on its stunning sandy beach, although that can be great fun!

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